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Here is where to go if you want an extra challenge or project to exercise your creative muscles during the week.  These challenges are designed to encourage you to think outside the box with your creativity, build skills, and, most importantly, have fun!  Do it solo or include other people in your household!  Our Academy students can post their results  safely on their class channel or the IF Foundation Pilbara Performing Arts private group page (with permission from your adult!). 

 New challenges will be posted  Term 3!

Challenge #1

Create a Scene!

Time to make a short film. Click below for guidelines.

Challenge #2

MY ROBOT! Design the ultimate robot and then, create it using objects found at home! Click below for guidelines 

Challenge #3


Click the link below to find some phrases from Shakespeare and make a scene using only that! 

Challenge #4

DANCE PARTY! Choreograph a dance to one of your favourite songs.  click below for guidelines. 

Challenge #5

The Travelling Scarf

Take one piece of clothing from your home, like a hat or a scarf, and create four different characters/costumes using that item to create a specific character. Take photos of yourself as each character and write down their name and what they like to do in Isolation, OR you can film yourself AS each character talking about their experience.



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